A good day


It’s been a good day.

I’ve been productive at work, managed to get a couple of bills paid, and took care of a few things that I needed to research and handle.  I sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee, caught up on emails and opened the project I’m working on.  Inspiration coursed through me and my fingers flew over the keys as music filled the room and I just grooved.  I love days like these.


Things have been good.  I’m working through my own fears and insecurities, I’m communicating, I’m living each day with the idea that I should do my best to embrace every moment for what it is.  It’s kind of thrilling.  I’m sure I’ll have moments when I falter or find myself afraid, but it’s lovely to see a path forward.  It’s lovely to feel happy.

Cheers to you my friends, I hope your Thursday is going as well as mine.


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