I get a new beginning…


I found a house tonight.

I think it’s perfect for me and my family.  For now at least.  It’s in a great neighborhood, lots of kids, lots of families.  It’s large enough to fit us all, but not nearly as gigantically huge as the one I’m in now.  Which means I get to downsize, get rid of a lot of memories and start fresh.  And let me tell you, I am SO excited for it.  I get to decorate how I want to decorate.  Everything will be where I put it.  Not counting the kids stuff of course.  My room will be what I make it to be.  An oasis.  A place where stress disappears and comfort and happiness overwhelm the senses.  It might take me some time to pull it all off of course, but I’m so excited for it.  I’m going to have to start looking on pinterest for ideas.

The bro is in a happy relationship – and should it go well, even he is talking about how in a year or so he’d be moving on to greener pastures.  🙂  And that has me elated too.  Not because I don’t like living with him.. hell, I actually can honestly say I enjoy the hell out of it most of the time.  But to be free to walk my house half naked on occasion…. yea sorry – that sounds kinda nice too.


I feel like this will be the house I get my jumping off from.  I’m working to rebuild my credit.  It’ll take me a couple of years to really get a handle on it – but i’m determined and dedicated to it.  I figure in 3-4 years, I’ll have the credit and the savings to look at purchasing a home.  I could picture my Christmas tree in this house.  Gosh – it’s only May and I’m already thinking of Christmas – but what can I say?  I’m feeling thankful for the happiness I have managed to somehow find and nurture.  And Christmas is a happy time for me (usually).  Thinking on how I got here, it was through a couple of things.  Attitude shifts in myself really.  A belief, that if I continued to try, and not give up, and think positive, that life would find a way around and things would work out.  Might not be as I’d originally thought, but it would work out somehow in the end.  And look, in just 4 short months I’ve already had quite a few big wins.  After 6 months of mind numbing boredom at a company that didn’t know what to do with my team or it’s talent – I left that job and found a very challenging, thriving team to join at a company I love and didn’t want to leave in the first place.  I was getting a bit stagnant in my desire to move from this house we’re in – we’re comfortable and I hate moving – but I also hate the big house, it costs so much to heat and maintain and rent is high as well – forcing function by having the owners move back – almost panicked over the thought of not finding a place…but stayed positive about it – and today – bam! the most amazing private owner I could ever deal with is now going to be my new landlord.  I’m so super stoked.


I want to plant flowers. 🙂  It has none right now, and that just makes me sad.  It needs a rose or two.  And a lilac tree.  It needs lavender, poppies and rosemary.  A daphne adora bush – as they are my all time favorite amazing smelling flower.  Some daisies.  🙂  It needs some love.  🙂



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