Fuzzy brained…

Fuzzy Brained

I have a head cold. A miserable one.  My youngest had it first, then my daughter..and now me.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a cold completely knock me down. Not sure how I’ll make it through tomorrow at work, but there is no way around it. On top of the cold, I’ve once again got a kidney infection. Sigh. I’ve had an annoying back side ache, but thought nothing of it until wham…friday night I was hurting. I have an extremely high threshold for pain. And frankly I fear hospitals a little now. So the fact that I drove my unhappy ass down to the ER says a lot and didn’t come home till 2am. Honestly, I was surprised at the fear that hit me as I walked in.  I’m surprised I’m confessing it here.  There was a brief moment where I pictured myself turning and fleeing for the hills, but I knew I needed help.  Why did I feel that way?  It hit me, HARD.  I’d understand it if it were Swedish Hospital on capitol hill, but the local hospital over here?  I got annoyed with myself and stubbornly plowed forward. I was annoyed that I was reacting that way. My blood pressure was thru the roof. But I took a deep breath and put up my walls and got through it.  I’m on the mend, I can feel a shift. I still feel like absolute garbage, but I can see the light lol.


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