Sometimes, you just need a cheerleader…

ImageThat moment … when you finally accomplish something that’s been driving you a little crazy because you couldn’t do it.  When you’re so excited because FINALLY you did it.  And you have no one to high five.  Or worse, you go up for a high five and a cheer to a friend and have it be shut down.  I know it’s stupid, and maybe I’m late to the party as far as figuring this out… but I DID it!!  I’m not asking for a pat on the back or anything… but a cheerleader would certainly be nice every once and a while.  Someone to say – hey!   Good progress!! Keep going!! 

I’m my own worst critic.  Sometimes that is a good thing, as it encourages me to continue to grow and work on things that I want to change.  The constant drive for personal growth.  Where it’s not so good is that I am not the greatest at being my own cheerleader.  I suppose it’ll have to become something I will work on.  Wonder if there’s an app for that… 🙂


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